Luffley Farm- Free range pork

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Luffley Farm is based on the outskirts of Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare and is a small family run farm.

Our pedigree Middle White pigs are free to wander the fields ‘free range’ and behave as nature intended.

We adhere to the ‘organic’ ethos of no chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our farm.

 The pigs are free to graze off the land and gain most of their daily nutritional requirements this way.  We supplement this with Irish grains, organic vegetables  and, when available, organic goats' milk whey, all without the addition of any antibiotics.

 As our pigs have plenty of land to run around they are not subjected to the practice of teeth clipping, tail docking or nose ringing and we like to think of them as ‘Happy Porkers’!

 We bring our pigs to O’Gormans family abattoir, Castledermot, Co Kildare, where they end their days without any distress, where their welfare is of primary concern and adhered to rigorously. The sausages, butchery and curing is then done at Brennan’s Family Butchers of Carlow – to our specifications depending on customer requirements.

 We believe that all of this is what gives our pork and bacon a delicious and unique flavour which, once tasted, you and your family will certainly want to enjoy again and again!

Depending on quantities ordered and timing for delivery, your meat will be vacuumed packed and frozen.

This does not affect the taste or quality of the meat.